Finding the right online tutors is hard.

Let us make it easier!

Teech is built to make your online tutoring experience easier and more personal.

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Find and book Tutors instantly

Teech has a booking process that is quick and efficient. All you have to do is find a tutor you like, look through their available slots, and book one that works. That’s it!


More Than A Directory

Teech is a step up from other online platforms. It is not just a list of names! You can read their profiles, learn about their teaching styles and even talk to them before you book a session.


Each Session Is Tailored For You

Our tutors set their own prices, so it is easy to find someone who fits your budget.
Teech was built to make private tutoring easy for everyone.

Not only is it affordable, but it is also student-friendly. Want to study with your friends? Book Group Sessions. Need help more often? Book monthly sessions. It is all about what you need!

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The Power Of Language

Our tutors speak your language! Find yourself a tutor who can explain the topic in a language you can understand. The best part of online tutoring is meeting tutors who can help, from anywhere in the world!

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