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I am Abhay, presently a P.h.D research scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. I have my BA and MA in Economics and have received an MPhil degree in Economics. I have experience teaching both online and offline. I have worked as Assistant Professor in Economics at School of Management Science, India and MIT World Peace University, India and have tough subjects like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Financial Economics, Statistics, International Trade and International Finance. I decided to join the academic field because I have a passion for teaching students and learning, this is what I love doing. My prior teaching experience and interactions with students have improved me as a teacher. My approach towards teaching is very simple, covering basics first and then raising the difficulty gradually. I will be working along with a student-friendly approach and simplify things to the extent possible. If you are new to the subject then do not worry about thinking the difficulty level, we will work together from the very basics if needed, and things will gradually turn in our favour towards a better understanding of the subject. Learning is a step by step process and I hope to see you taking your next step along with me towards learning Economics !!

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