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Hello ! I am currently a sophomore studying in American University of Sharjah , majoring in computer engineering. My favorite subjects are math and computer science. I have a keen interest in coding and AI. I have participated in coding competitions and attended several workshops. I can pretty much help you with math and comp science. I have always achieved good grades in class and university and just want to share some knowledge on this platform. My hobbies include singing and reading:)

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  1. IBM for data scienceFromIBM 2021
  2. Introduction to cybersecurityFromCISCO 2021
  3. Introduction to Cloud computingFromCoursera 2021
  4. Deans listFromAmerican University of Sharjah 2020
  5. 10 CGPA (Grade 10)FromCBSCE EXAMS 2017
  6. 93%(Grade 12)FromCBSCE EXAMS 2019
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