I am passionate about what i am doing. I teach Mathematics with my passion.Well most of the students find maths as a difficult subject.The basic reasons are 1)They do not know what to learn 2)They do not know how to learn and proceed with concepts and apply them 3)Complex languages used in books sometimes cause trouble and students get confused. My teaching approach is to keep it simple. Learn with Fun and conquer. Learn from the basic and afterthat go to the advanced portion and clear your concepts crystal clear and apply .Learn,Apply,Laugh,Practice and repeat.Practice as many problems as you can and be creative in your studies. I had taught students from Netherland,Dubai,Oman,Usa,Singapore,Bangladesh,Ghana and of course India.And currently i have 2 students from singapore,1 from usa, 1 from muscat and 3 from India and they are learning MATHS online.The two students from singapore got B6 grade in their last Math exam and they are in grade 9. B7 is the highest grade.And student from USA had got overall 93 percentile in mathematics.He is in grade 10.So conclusion,Math is the simplest subject in the universe. Thank you.

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