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I am Mr. Ekene Francis Azolum, a quadragenarian ,married with kids . I hold a Bachelor degree in statistics and mathematics from a recognized university and equally a certified teacher assistant from a college here in the UAE. Over 5years of my classroom experience , I have come across some eye-turning challenges in handling students from diverse ethnicities and beliefs and as such I was able to manage , coordinate and impact knowledgeably on this subject. I am a dedicated, focused, dynamic and resourceful math teacher who has been able to make the mathematics learning an interesting class to attend by the pupils . I can teach a class of about 20 pupils and above and within the age limit of 4 to 16 years old. My classroom work is engaging, captivating and gives attention to the needs of the students. I discharge my duties positively towards the school curriculum and adhere strictly to the set standard of school's management for children. Equally, i am a certified safety personnel thereby giving an edge in making the learning environment clear of any hazard they may be harmful to the pupils.

Starting From AED 110.1 (30$)/hr

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