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Winner of Cambridge (CAIE) First Place in Kuwait for Best Across Eight IGCSE Subjects Award and Cambridge (CAIE) First Place in Kuwait for French as a Foreign Language Award, I am a high-achieving and very well-rounded student who has always aimed to be the top of my class, from high school to university (I was recently awarded Dean's List Scholarship and FYE Pathway Certificate at the American University of Sharjah). Throughout my journey, I have helped many of my friends and fellow students by teaching and explaining complex topics and concepts and breaking them down to make them extremely easy to understand, no matter the level. Knowing my excellent explanation abilities, my teachers have often even told me to explain a certain concept on the board for the whole class. Using my British English accent, I have developed a clear and concise method of teaching that is easy to understand by anyone, at any level. From students to teachers, my method of explanation has garnered me praise, with some even telling me that I should become a teacher in the future! This is why I joined Teech; my aim is to make every student's life easier by providing easy, clear and concise explanations for a range of different topics. Currently, I am willing to teach university level courses, being Calculus 1 and General Physics 1, as well as secondary school subjects, being Maths, Physics, and Chemistry.

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