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I am a logical, analytical, and proactive candidate with a BBA Degree in Marketing Management (IMM), an Honours Degree in Consumers Science major in media studies (UNISA, and a TESOL certificate from Witwatersrand University Language School. I am dynamic and fully committed to projects I embark on and enjoy working with students of all ages, from children to teenagers and adults.  Availability: I am available immediately and willing to relocate internationally wherever you might need in-centre training or education institutions teachers.  Responsibilities: 1. To teach non-native speakers of diverse ages and backgrounds to read, write, listen, and speak English via individual and group sessions. 2. Help students learn English grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency, conversational skills, and ability to express themselves in English with confidence. . 3. Preparing lesson plans in accordance with students' learning needs. 4. Designing and presenting educational material. 5. Tailoring lessons to accommodate differences in learning style and speed. 6. Evaluating students' progress. 7. Preparing and disseminating progress reports at regular intervals. 8. Remaining knowledgeable about and respectful of cultural differences within the classroom. 9. Assisting students with their technical difficulties, where possible. Teaching methods and class management skill sets: 1. Organized, computer literate, and able to communicate in a clear manner. 2. Speaks with a South African English dialect, clear diction, and a neutral accent. 3. Patient and attentive to students' needs. 4. Possess the ability to encourage interaction among students to facilitate learning.

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