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Hello! I’m Kinni and I would love to be your English teacher here at Teech! I lived in America for about 10 years where I got my Bachelor’s degree. I am also certified to teach English as a foreign language and I really enjoy teaching kids. I would love to be an online English teacher because I love helping people enjoy learning the English language! I also love teaching and I strive to make lessons fun and engaging with colorful props and teaching aids to help kids feel excited about learning. Presently, the education industry has a tremendous impact on helping people improve on their skillsets, one of which is languages. With online learning, I see the education industry making more and more impact in connect people globally who want to learn. I would love to be part of that impact be being your online English teacher here at Teech!

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  1. B.Sc.- Community HealthHofstra Univeristy, United States, In 2014


  1. 120-Hour TEFL CertificationFrommyTEFL.com 2020
Personal Trainer

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