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Mathematics postgraduate with a genial and crisp method of teaching with sound examples, carrying a three-year experience of tutoring students from SSC, CBSE, IGCSE and IB boards, UK, US and AU curriculum. Kindly copy paste the following link to get a demo and testimonials: https://niharikapevekar59.wixsite.com/mathematicstutor I provide Individualised Education plan to KEEP THE PARENTS UPDATED ABOUT THEIR CHILD'S LEARNING and near future academic goals, prefer to keep an extremely friendly environment in the class, assign monthly tests regular revision of the studied topics, and a student feedback is asked for every month. In addition to the master's degree, I have successfully completed a month-long Mathematics Training and Talent Search program conducted by NBHM, which has enabled me to understand Mathematics without pen and paper, and a Diploma in Educational psychology.

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Individualised Education Plan,Educational Psychology,Learning patterns,Assignments,Tests,Revision


  1. M.Sc.- MathematicsUniversity of Mumbai, India, In 2020


  1. Mathematics Training and Talent SearchFromNBHM 2015
  2. Power Point presentation FromState level Winner 2019
  3. Diploma in Educational PsychologyFromAlison.com 2020
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