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I have the chance to study languages in the oldest languages faculty in the Middle East (faculty of Alsun),it was great experience to get taught by most professional professors. The passion of language and teaching were born as a result of such experience. I have always enjoyed being around learners from different places and different cultures I have the continuous desire to give my experience and language inspiration to the students. I studied Arabic, Italian and English literature ,novels,story ,poetry which touch the emotional mind of the Human being ,this feeling which makes you looking always for innovation and creativity ways for delivering the Curricula to the students. It`s not just the preparing ,planning or even the communication skills which you need for teaching ,it must be this spirit and this feeling of happiness when you see the knowledge in the eye of learners. I enjoy working with pupils whom you guide ,inspire and encourage them in their way of knowledge .you have to make them love what they learn and enjoy it in the same time. With good relations with them and their parents it`s possible to provide them with such experience. My passion with teaching gives me strong motive to read much in different field and to be able to teach different curricula ,teaching Middle East history ,Islamic Civilization ,UAE culture prospects was a big challenge ,meanwhile it was one of the best courses I delivered to University students .

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