Globalart is the world’s largest creative art programme for children in the age group of 5 to 15 years. Started in Malaysia in 1999, Globalart is present in 19 countries today. The programme has both international and is endorsed by Industry experts. Even during the Pandemic we managed to run the entire business Online and we are able to deliver quality as well as we were when we were running in the classroom. At Globalart, we believe that every child is special and should be given an opportunity to express themselves. The structured syllabus ensures that our students are trained to think creatively – they are encouraged to explore their ideas, express them and finally create independently. The programme improves self-expression, observation, concentration and makes children more confident. Most importantly, the programme builds a foundation for diverse career options – many of our earlier students have chosen new age careers which involve creative thinking like – architecture, interior designing, web-designing, graphic designing etc. Also, other children who pursue traditional careers in medicine, engineering and science have also shared that they are better equipped to handle complex work-related projects and come up with creative solutions.

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