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My name is Salma Rizwan Soudagar. I’m from India. I completed Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication field in 2010. I went on to pursue Masters of Technology in VLSI and Embedded System Design and completed the same in 2012. I immediately started working as a lecturer and was promoted as an Assistant Professor in a prestigious Engineering college in India where I taught under graduate students for 5 years. I came to UAE in 2018 and started teaching, training and tutoring students of various age groups ranging from age 6 to age 18 and also under graduate / university students. I am currently teaching Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and SAT-1(Mathematics only). My teaching philosophy is that every child should be introduced to the tools they need to establish their own learning style. I incorporate easy and fun ways, to make the child understand the concepts quickly and use technology wherever possible given the advantage of the degree I hold, but also leaving plenty of room to celebrate the student’s imaginations with specialized activities and hands-on experiences.

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