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I am Tarek from Egypt, studying dentistry at ain shams university. I am here to teach Quran, Tajweed and Arabic for kids and adults. I can teach Egyptian Arabic and transfer to you the Arab culture. Teaching tajweed rules in English and help you in memorizing the Quran. There are many advantages to join us, Interactive board methods are used in the learning process. Flexible timeline/schedule. A detailed report tracking the candidate’s learning plan is sent each month. Google forms' tests to evaluate the student's level. In addition, teaching the Arabic language through online games, for students who are not interested in traditional ways of teaching and also for young students. After each class, the student receives the lesson’s material, report and homework. The lessons’ material (Handout) including photos and examples for new words and phrases. In addition, exercises for reading, speaking and translation skills. The lesson’s feedback report includes: 1. Our lesson objectives. 2. New vocabulary. 3. Homework. 4. The next lesson objectives. In addition, Homework contains: 1. Speaking homework according to the student’s level. (Arabic & Quran students). 2. Writing homework according to the student’s level. (Arabic & Quran students). 3. Video Links for surahs with professional sheikhs. (Quran students Only). 4. Video links discussing surahs explanations. (Quran students Only). You will find learning Arabic and Quran interesting and enjoyable Insha'Allah. Book your trial lesson and try by yourself.

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